simeon goa



I didn't choose graphic design, and graphic design didn't choose me. People just like how I help them. I live in Victoria, BC and work with clients across Canada. 

Solving problems people don't have usually leads to more problems, in my experience people don't need this kind of work. The first thing I help with is clarifying the creative direction of a project in order to ensure what I make will help solve a problem, or better yet help to achieve some of my clients' goals.

Here are some of the goals my work has helped my clients reach:

  • Jazz Financial: 100% retention of clientele, from employment at a national financial corporation, to a successful small business.

  • Feeding Ourselves and Others: First annual fundraiser event selling out months in advance of their first annual fundraiser.

  • Victoria Film Festival: Broad brand recognition of their single screen theatre The Vic and doubling of their average attendance.

  • Saint Barnabas Church: Broader awareness of their organization and facilitation of their donor and volunteer support.

  • Compost Education Centre: Broader public and partner organizations' awareness of their programs and mandate.

If you think you need someone like me on board your project send me an email and we can arrange a phone, skype or in person meeting. 



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