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A logo communicates an idea about your company or organization to your audience. I help individuals, organizations and businesses develop a clear idea of how they want to present themselves.


The Vic Theatre is a small movie theatre with only one screen, that is kinda a big challenge in the world of Netflix and torrents. In order to attract an audience it needed to stand out. Because of its name and location it made sense to emphasize royalty with a twist. Since the relaunch of its new identity the theatre brings in three times as many audience members a night. God save the queen.


The goal for this project Saint Barnabas Church wanted to communicate sense of tradition and a caring community, while also being a bit playful in their identity. The patron saint's symbol is a rose, so the idea of a flower made of hearts made sense.


The idea behind the Ryot Project is to perform small "seeds", one minute musical compositions, interwoven with improvisation. The goal of their identity was to express this idea. 


The objective of this logo was to emphasize how Jazz Vespers reinterprets classical hymns and christian music through jazz. By combining two common symbols we got a new one.


The Compost Education Centre had a logo that strongly appealed to young children but not to its growing older audience interested in sustainable gardening. Their logo refresh needed to appeal to an broader audience without alienating their younger audience. By creating a number of custom made icons and combining them into a tree the Centre now communicates the more diverse range of courses and workshops on offer and their clientele and staff really dig it (...don't believe me checkout the testimonials page :)


Kemo Treats are a satirical hip hop duo that struggled with being taken humorously. The group wanted a logo that helped new comers see their humorous and over the top style, this pretty much did it.



A successful illustrative or print design either serves a specific function or communicates a particular idea, sometimes it can do a bit of both. I help individuals, organizations and businesses clarify the goal of the design and then create solutions to meet that goal.


Feast: Food & Film needed an image that was playful and eye catching to help launch the new event. The films and food focused primarily on Italian cuisine so some classic Italian ingredients were used to cook up this illustrative design.


The Humanitas Foundation hired me to design this travel brochure which encouraged over ten major donors to participate in a tour of European and Middle Eastern sites to help develop and launch an online international museum exhibit.


Kris Covlin needed some promotional material to help gain visibility as a saxophonist and music teacher. I created this whimsical landscape, music bars as roads and notes as vehicles.


After creating their logo Saint Barnabas Church hired me to apply their new identity to a variety of formats including letterhead, business card and signage.


Bon Macaron wanted an ad for their Valentines Day promotional campaign. Their logo is at the bottom of the ad, and I thought it would be a good idea to give their logo a girlfriend for the campaign, they did too and have continued to use the ad.


Xchanges Gallery & Studios wanted to emphasize the diversity of their membership's mediums from sculptural, to painting, to photography in their promotional materials. I designed and illustrated their poster and handbills which helped attract hundreds of visitors.


The Victoria Film Festival wanted an image that played off their tag line, Bringing Film to Life. The idea of having someone riding a film projector over Victoria made for a relevant and fun solution. This solution was applied to a variety of print and digital platforms as well as advertising to bring a consistent and engaging look to all aspects of promoting the event. Travel light...